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Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Am Thankful I Can Smell And Taste Handout

This game is created to go along with the Primary 1: I Am A Child of God manual, lesson # 20"I Am Thankful That I Can Smell And Taste." {click here}

Game: "Should I taste this?"
I printed these lips on a full sheet of paper and used magnets to put it on the board. {Printable mouth.pdf here}

Next print this page on heavy paper or cardstock. {Print gamecards.pdf here}

Cut out each game card beforehand. One at a time have a child select a card. Show the card to the class and ask, "Should we taste this?" Discuss each answer.

Cleaning supplies - NO
Honey - YES
Unknown Berries - NO (they might be poison 
Popcorn - YES
Strawberries - YES
Apples - YES
Soap - NO
Unmarked bottles or liquids - NO (It could be poisonous)
Cereal - YES
Watermelon - YES
Pills - NO (unless mom or dad was told by the dr. to give them to you)
Bread - YES

*Point out that sometimes we might be allergic to things, like strawberries. In those cases, even though those items might be safe for everyone else, they are not safe for us. When in doubt, ask mom or dad.

For our coloring page, I am using this handout I created.
{Printable PDF here}