Once upon a time, this was my blog for Ward Activity Ideas. Since then, I have served in YW, and Mid-singles. Currently, I am leading the Primary Children's singing time. Thus, I have expanded this site to include anything LDS activity related.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Love My WHOLE Family Memory Game

This game was created to go along with Primary manual 1, lesson #25: I Love My Whole Family, but can be adapted for any lesson or unit on families.

Turn all 18 cards face down on table or floor. Kids can take turns turning 2 cards over. If they get a match, they can go again. If not, it is the next child's turn. Continue until all cards are revealed.

{Family Memory Game Folder}

{Page 1 Printable}

{Page 2 Printable}

{Page 3 Printable}

Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Can Do Many Things

I Can Do Many Things

Here is a coloring page I created with free internet images, to be used with Primary Manual 1, Lesson #22: I Can Do Many Things.  {Coloring Page Printable here}