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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mom & Me night

Who: All of the ladies and girls of the Ward

Objective: Mingle, fellowship, fun

Budget: $0, everyone brought treats, and I donated about $5 worth of craft supplies


Set-Up: We set up chairs for the women to sit and talk. We also set up the TV/DVD player and played The Princess Frog. We had 2 tables for snacks and water, as well as 2 tables for crafts.

Special Instructions: The crafts were simple. For the first craft we made paper flowers. I bought 3 packages of cupcake liners (.96 each), and donated some brads from my scrapbook supplies. We had plenty of straws in our supply closet, left over from an activity about 3 years ago in which they had rootbeer floats. I brought my tiny scrapbook hole punch, and the girls punched 1 hole near the top of the straw, and then a hole in the middle of each cupcake liner they wanted to use, and used the brad to secure them. We also had child scissors and crayons so they could fashion the liners to look like flower petals. Here was my inspiration:

We also made Tissue Paper butterflies. I donated tissue paper and I bought a pack of white chenille stems (50 for .89).
The best thing about the crafts is I only had to make one of each ahead of time, and set them out as an example. They were so self explanatory, that I didn't need to oversee them. Big sisters helped little sisters, and they all seem to have fun!

Turn-Out: Counting all moms and girls, we had a total of 38 come. It was perfect.

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