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Friday, May 9, 2014

Primary Singing Time: Mother's Day Memory Game

MOTHER'S DAY MEMORY GAME (w/ Pick-A-Flower game):

With Mother's Day this Sunday, I wanted to freshen things up and create a "mother" centered game.  I came up with this darling Animal Memory game.  Some of the Dads are taking over for the music during the Senior Primary singing time so the pianist & I can attend RS.  This will be easy enough for them to handle as well.  Of course, it can be played all month too.

PREP: Print out, cut, and laminate (optional) Memory Cards and flowers.  (Laminate flower pot too for safe-keeping.)  Using a wet-erase marker (if laminated), write a song on the back of each flower.  Using magnets or tape, place memory cards (face down), vase and flowers on board.

OBJECTIVE: Match a baby animal with the correct mama animal.

PLAY: Select a child to come up and turn two cards over.  If the 2 cards are a match (correct baby & mama animal), the child then gets to "pick" a flower from the vase.  The children then sing the song listed on the back of the flower.  After the song, another child is selected and the process is repeated.  If the child does not get a match when he turns the card over, the kids say in unison, "That's Ok, cuz You're a Child of God!".  Another child is then selected to have a turn.

WINNING: Continuing playing until all the cards have been matched, or until time runs out.  

NOTE: In games like these, if there are a few songs I really want to work on, I will put repeats on the back of the flower.  The kids like the suspense of whether or not they will choose a new song or a repeat song.  Sometimes, we've even sung the same song 3 times in a row.  When that happens, I really like to ham it up and say things like, "Wow, great minds think alike!", "Whoa! Again?  You must really know we needed to practice this piece!" or "Let's see if we get to move on or sing the same song."

Print your own version of the game for FREE here: {{Mother's Day Memory Game (baby animal memory)}}

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


  1. Thank you for this! You just saved me tomorrow in Primary. This is so cute.


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