Once upon a time, this was my blog for Ward Activity Ideas. Since then, I have served in YW, and Mid-singles. Currently, I am leading the Primary Children's singing time. Thus, I have expanded this site to include anything LDS activity related.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Can Be A Friend {Lesson Helps}

Supplemental activities to go along with {I Can Be A Friend}, Sunbeam lesson #33 in the Primary 1 manual. 

Coloring Page
I found this coloring page image from s-media-cache-ak0 and created a printable you can download here: {I Can Be A Friend free printable download coloring page}

Friendship Mix (treat). 
Give each child a small sandwich bag of an individual snack (fruit loops, marshmallows, goldfish, cheerios, pretzels, m&ms, raisins, yogurt bites, etc.) and tell them NOT to open it. (They are three. They're going to want to open it.) Ask them if their treats look yummy. Explain that each bag by itself has a yummy treat in it. But what would happen if everyone added their treat together to a big bowl? Invite each child up one at a time and have them dump their treat into the big bowl. After all have done this, mix the snack mix up and show them how much better the treat will taste because they shared; now everyone in the classroom will get to taste ALL of the yummy treats! Then scoop some of the new friendship mix back into their baggies. 

Friendship Game
This "game" is merely a fun tool used to generate discussion on what makes a good friend. 



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